The Vernal Equinox 2023

This year’s traditional Vernal Equinox post has been slightly delayed. Partly because of a high workload, but at the same time also because of a much-needed reflection on life. This year, the vernal equinox (in Sweden) occurred on Monday, March 20 at 10:24 p.m.

Normally, an Equinox gives us a sense of well-being and, in a sense, an end, an equilibrium, and a beginning of something new. If you are used to paying attention to the equinoxes through ceremonies, meditation or similar tasks, you usually notice changes in everyday life, mood and also in the world in a very direct way. Of course, this also happened this time.

One can quietly ask whether the increasing presence of the Sun King also brings with it a gradual thawing of the coldness and passivity that exists in the outside world and our minds? Perhaps we are entering a time of warmth and activity where the soul comes back to life closely followed by the desire and will to do something new, to change something in one’s everyday life and the world?

During the Equinoxes, if we are lucky, we get a glimpse of equilibrium, a small moment where we stop and have the ability to look both forward and backward but also inward. We make a kind of reckoning with ourselves and the worldly events around us.

Springtime is here now! The last snow is melting away and the crocuses are starting to peek out. Maybe it’s time to follow the crocuses and dare to raise your head and gaze towards the sun. Illuminate your whole being, your personality, your choices or non-choices. Have you lived as you wished, or could you have done it in a better way for yourself and for the world around you? One thing is certain and that is that not much will actually happen if you only allow yourself to remain in your reflection without acting.

With these few words, the Hermetic Order of the Nascent Aurora wishes you all a lovely and belated Vernal Equinox!

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua Yehovasha!

/Frater Yehohanan


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