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Contemplation on the Summer Solstice 2022

This year on March Day, or Tuesday the 21st of June, it is the Summer Solstice again! The solstice is a nature’s reflection of the Sun God in its strength. The God who was born at the winter solstice has reached its full power throughout the year. The solstice also coincides close to the transition to the zodiac sign Cancer, which in its nature (among other things) is homely and preservative and strangely enough victorious.

In mundane life, this apparently means nothing special except that summer is here and for many even holidays. In the inner life, or the non-mundane world of spirits and images, the summer solstice can have a much greater value, an alchemical one. By using mythology, symbolism and allegories, we can produce a map and a way forward, towards something. But only by first going backwards, that is, retrospectively. In this case, we have to go back to the Winter Solstice 2021. When the Winter Solstice is near, you are given an opportunity to get rid of (or change) parts of yourself, parts that you no longer want to carry with you when they inhibit, or simply has ceased to be useful for, the spiritual development of the individual. At the same time, you want to consolidate and mark the parts of your personality and being that you want to preserve and refine through the slow heating from the sun.

When the Summer Solstice is here and the life-giving power of the Sun God reaches its climax, it enriches our whole being. We also get to know how well we have succeeded with our spiritual process and through the preservative properties of Cancer, this ”alchemical elixir”, illuminated by the Sun at its peak of the year, will define us until the next Winter Solstice when the process begins again. This can be compared to what alchemy calls circulation. The aim is that with each circulation we will have developed further and upwards in our process, so that these circulations can be seen as a spiral. It is your being that stands in the middle of the spiral and if you could look at this spiral from above, the symbol for the Sun is formed.

Hopefully these words have made you curious about how you can refine yourself until the next Summer Solstice. Something to perhaps reflect on when this solstice and summer are over and while the nights get longer and darker again?

The Hermetic Order of the Nascent Aurora wishes everyone a pleasant Summer Solstice, wherever on earth you are!

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua Yehovasha!

/Frater Yehohanan

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