The Autumn Equinox 2020

The autumn equinox 2020 falls on 22 September at 13:31, Swedish time.

For many, 2020 has been a very special year. What really stands out and that has affected us all is the emergence and manifestation of the pandemic. All of a sudden, people around the world, perhaps for the first time, saw and experienced how such a distant word or concept became a manifest reality. The word ‘Pandemic’, like Corona / Covid-19, became real, took on a life of its own and is still kept alive by our own reactions to the information we receive. The number of infected is increasing every day and new guidelines on how we should behave seem to be changing rapidly. Likewise, our thoughts, feelings, and actions change at the same rate. Some choose to follow the guidelines while others choose to ignore them. Covid-19 is in our midst, both as a concept and as an actual infection, no matter which way you choose to go.

During the first quarter of the year (in Sweden), the infection increased explosively and shortly after this year’s Spring Equinox, it seemed as if we had no control at all or knowledge of this extensive spread. But somewhere around the summer solstice we had started to learn more about how to limit the infection and there were slowly fewer and fewer per day who were affected at the same time as more were declared healthy. We are almost in mid-September and it seems almost as if the spread of infection has drastically reduced its rate, at least in Sweden. Maybe it’s the case that at the time of the autumn equinox we have come so far that both the infection and the reality of the pandemic can be quenched and maybe just in time for the Winter Solstice to die out?

That the pandemic in Sweden seems to follow the course of the seasons may seem like a strange coincidence. It would be easy to, true or false, be able to read a connection and context. Regardless of whether such a connection exists or not, one can at least use this synchronicity as a model for thought activity. What can be stated is that we humans are part of the infinite ocean of manifestations, of Creation. The course of the universe and nature strikes us every year, month, day and second whether we like it or not. Viruses, natural disasters, wars and tragedies are part of our reality just like moments of happiness and peace.

It is always up to us to choose how we will react to these changes. Either we oppose them ruthlessly, which rarely turns out well in the end. We can also choose to adapt and act in as unselfish and thoughtful a way as possible. The latter is preferable. This costs us a lot, especially of our own personal needs and desires, but not as much as the alternative. Of course, our reactions and our actions have to a large extent affected the Pandemic’s course, and in the end it will be our chosen actions that determine whether the infection should increase, stop or die out.

Adapting to the circumstances does not mean, however, that one should be weak, passive or, through inactivity, allow all battles to take place unchecked, for this would only be weakness. Nor should one ruthlessly force one’s own needs, ideas and preferences as this is the path to evil. We must find an equilibrium, a balance between our own and the ”packs” needs. To find this balance, we first need to look inward, towards our own being and take a closer look at the different parts of our personality. We also need to do this regularly. It is especially important to dare to approach and look at the darker parts of ourselves, because here we find the knowledge of nature behind our desires and fears. We must let a ”Light, Higher than our Ego” illuminate our shadow areas so that we can see how these parts affect our actions and our thoughts. It is only when we are aware of the forces that affect us that we can make a well-informed choice. It is all ultimately about the Ego and the awareness of free Will.

Therefore, let this Autumn Equinox be a witness to how human nature and the will can affect the outcome of things. The will is a powerful tool, but like a double-edged sword, it can be consciously and unconsciously wielded for good or evil purposes, for selfish or for fellow human beings. Let this autumnal equinox also mark a hope that in step with the onset of autumn and winter, the pandemic may die out!

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